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Jamison Video Production

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife………..” Mark 10:6-9


Our Style We specialize in the creation of “art-umentary” (blended artistic and documentary) style wedding films. For us, your wedding film is the product. It’s never treated or even presented to you as an “add-on” for any other service that we may offer. Movement, visual and audible memories are forever preserved and elegantly presented for you to re-live.
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We want to ensure that your film reflects you in every way possible! Your video cannot be defined by a package description or a price. Meeting with you and getting to know you before the shooting begins is what makes your film different from any other. Before shooting even starts we will meet with you several times to make sure we have it right! We’d love sit with you and chat. We want to get to know you, and realize what your film should say about you!

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“Remember the day for a lifetime………” Your wedding is just the start of your life together. You found each other, fell in love and care so deeply for one another that you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Giving your heart to that one special person. So much thought and care has been placed on the planning of your wedding. We can help you remember the day for a lifetime!

We Love Our Clients

“I’m so glad Jamison Video Production was there to capture the day!” Angela Challis - Oklahoma City, OK.
“Love, love, love the video…… Awesome job as always!” Charlene Munds - Moore, OK.
“Thank you for all the time you devoted to capturing our daughters & granddaughters this past year! You guys are great!” Debbie Malone, Kasey Malone, Brynn Malone - Oklahoma City, OK.
Team……… Working as a video team since 1998. We bring a balance of art, strategy & technical proficiency to every project. Brenna is the "fun director gal" , Rich is the "techie artsy guy". We concentrate on fine detail to make every film unique. Every client is treated as family.





Let's get started……… Give us a shout! We want to get to know you! Preserving your wedding day memories on film will be the best decision you could make. When the day is over, the flowers, the venue, the DJ's music, the food, the cake........ will all be a memory. Creating your wedding film will capture the detail of the day. Sights, sounds, emotion will all be carved in "digital stone" for you to experience time after time.



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